Friday, January 8, 2010


Today I visited this blog - - and she suggested listing one word for the year 2010. For example, I am choosing the word 'focus' because it seems one thing that I cannot seem to do now or for the last year. This word will come to mind for everything I do in 2010.

- Cleaning the house should be quicker (HA!) if I can just focus on one room at a time
- my cards should be born a little sooner if I just focus on the idea and get it on paper
- family life is about to change with my ss moving back in after a year and a half absence: focus on harmony <- a good word
- what do I want (more stamps!!) focus on would it make me or life better
- what are my needs (lots more STAMPS!!!) focus here on NEED
- my goals that I would like to meet before the year is up need a whole lot of focus

Now I need to commit (ooo, another good word) to this word and see what happens. Please use the comment box and post your word for the year because I would love to see your word and thoughts behind using it. Word up!

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