Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Quilt for Mom

I keep seeing all these quilted cards and decided to give it try especially since my mom was a quilter until her health prevented her from continuing the craft. I think my card is very not up to the standards as the ones I have seen but I'm sending it anyway. LOL. She'll get the idea. Next time I will use darker colors as they seem to show better.

Always be happy! =]

Monday, May 2, 2011

Darling Blessings

So, here I go again with an old lay out of mine. I needed several birthday cards for several birthdays all on the same day and simplicity was a MUST. This lay out is no fail for me because I can use it for any occasion and I love that. Of course the colors had to be Pretty in Pink and Chocolate Chip! What other colors are more appropriate for girl birthdays? The sentiment is from God's Blessings and the the gifts and cupcakes are from the Darling Dots set. The ribbon is Pretty in Pink striped grosgrain, there's a red rhinestone sticky for the cherry (obligatory bling) and the squares are raised with dimensionals. I included these in a few USPS priority boxes which state if it fits it ships. lol. Silly postal service. I 'fit' quite a bit in my boxes and they have a noticeable bulge. Hey, it fit! I just hope it ships. =]

Always be happy! =]