Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reason For Not Posting

Hey All!

Thought I would let you know why I have been so absent lately. First, my DH decided to build and install a beautiful closet organization system. He works 2 weeks and then gets 1 week off and makes the closet in his 'off' time. At first, he was at it whole hearted and the units were going great and getting stained. I sanded and applied polyurethane to it and it was looking fab! He went back to work for 2 then his off week we went to Vegas and he got back to it for a couple of days before going back to work. This happened the next week off also - except for the Vegas part. And the next week off. This last week off he decided he didn't even want to look at it as it became a bit too much for him to deal with after working so hard. I totally understand. The major downfall to this is that my house looks as if I should be nominated for the Hoarders show. My bedroom had clothes and all the other closet dwelling items piled high and deep and it drove me crazy to even go in there. AND it spilled over into my craft room. I had to remove my double stacked filing cabinet out of the craft closet so clothes could hang in there much to my chagrin and all my shoes (in boxes) are piled on the futon in there and the cabinet is in the way and I cannot create in such a hoarding atmosphere! I would take photos but I am not going there. I just want the closet finished and all the stuff back in it so I can get my play back on. I have moved the hanging clothes and 'some' of my shoes back in as I asked DH to PLEASE install hanging bars and he did. I expect to have the closet finished this next week off and I will be so much happier and more productive in the card area. I hope! =/ We have had other events happen that also prevents me from being creative but closet is the main one. I will show photos of the closet when (if) it is finished.

Thanks for your patience with me!


Always be happy! =]