Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hen Egg

I have been absent for a couple of days and here is the reason why. I am painting the master area of the house - bathroom, bathing area, bedroom - and went to take these blinds down but when I pulled the string to pull the blinds up to remove them they came down and whacked me on the forehead! They were obviously set to stun because I was seriously stunned and not sure if I was hurt or not so I sat for a moment and decided I wasn't so bad and continued painting but the next day I had such a headache after doing a little housework that I think I have/had a slight concussion so today I am just gonna go grocery shopping and then hang out in the craft room and create. Ah, the perils of painting! =p


  1. OMG, that's a pretty big bump you got there. Good for you for getting those rooms done. I need to start my painting soon too.

  2. That's what we used to call a goose egg! Wow, watch out for those attack blinds! They are pesky.

  3. Gosh, Robin! I'm so glad you're okay! Beware of household injuries - they can be quite dangerous - and they usually happen on holidays (at least in my household they do)!