Thursday, May 13, 2010

63 Calorie Brownie

I have been watching Cook Yourself Thin on Lifetime and had to go buy the blasted cookbook because everything looks so good and I wanted to know if everything they yummed about was really as good as they made it out to be so I've been doing a bit of cooking lately and it turns out that the recipes that I have made are yummy. This brownie in particular is from the Cook Yourself Thin Faster book and it is soo chocolaty and I love it. My husband thinks it's gross because it has more of a dark chocolate flavor and it's not full of all sorts of stuff that tastes good but is very bad. I am actually ok with him not liking them because that means I GET THEM ALL! =P Mwah, love these!

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  1. Hi
    These look delicious! Will definately have to look in to making some.
    Please pop on over to my blog and pick up an award I have there for you. Just my way of saying thanks and letting you know how much I enjoy your blog.