Sunday, February 7, 2010

Care Package

I have the BEST SU! Upline ever! Look what Penny aka (She's on my blog list to your right so give her click!) sent me 'just because'! It was labeled "Care Package" and it sure makes me feel special to go to the mailbox and find an unexpected goody addressed to ME and then open it to find FOUR fabulous goodies inside!!! There were pretty valentine colored M & M's in the 4 You package but I could not control my inner M & M monster. It looked very cheery with the colors inside. The little pink Chew Chew I like you is a gum holder and there are a few missing from that too but you can't tell. Ha! The card is beautiful and I think the clear goody bag is just adorable. I love them all and thank you ever so much Miss Penny! You are the best!

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