Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drawer Easel

My Stampin' Pal Trudy in Katy, TX sent me an Drawer Easel and I loved it so much I had to make one (almost identical because hers' is just perfect! Go to Stampin' Pal Trudy in my blog archive for a picture of hers!) for one of my best friends living in Erie, PA working her way toward medical billing and coding certification and has already received a degree in Medical transcription! I am very proud of her as this year is not only a mile marker birthday for her (I am certainly NOT telling which one) but she is proving to me that one is never too old to make achievements or to better themselves. Anyway, she voiced a need for book marks and asked if I would send her scraps of card stock, which I did, but I found some really cute book markers for a decent price and got her 20 and this little drawer holds them so nicely. I think she'll have a pleasant surprise in her mailbox next week! Woohoo! Hey, somebody send me something! I haven't gotten anything in a week! lol. Oh, the addiction.


  1. Hi,

    I was thinking about the easel and a draw and here you are sharing it. It looks lovely.

  2. Thanks you, Helen! Easels must be the in thing right now. I'm seeing them everywhere! I think they're pretty cool so you need to share too!