Thursday, September 3, 2009

Something for wine corks

Since moving to California I have become something of a wine drinker. ;) Now with all this tasting and all these corks - I can't seem to be able to throw the darn things away. It's like a souvenir or something or just bad karma to throw them out, so I keep them. All. I've been in California for a little over a year and have a significant supply of corks. These are the ones that we have drank at home with friends or a bottle with dinner or a bottle with a bath or - you get it. The ones that opened with a meal out with friends goes home with whoever buys the bottle. Ok to the point! What am I supposed to do with these little corks? I'm thinking then one day I get an idea and I am putting it together tonight so you'll have to wait until the sun comes up so I can get a good shot of it. I like it and it's inexpensive and it looks good. Now, I didn't use all of them, in fact, I only used 8. Just so you know.

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