Thursday, September 10, 2009


You know, I thought I was a perfectionist, but when I see my card photos close up I see things that I didn't when taking the photo or making the card. I can't believe I made a card that a dimensional is visible. Boy, my inner perfectionist must be on vacation. I see a spot on the pink card but after seeing it I was able to blow it off because thank goodness, it was a ribbon fray but then, what the heck? I see streaks on my bear card and haven't an idea what would have caused that unless I had glue streaks or something on my wrist when applying the 'stars'. Ok, I fixed it. It was some glue streaks so you should not see them now. Maybe I'll fix the rest and repost the new photos and delete this blog altogether. =] Then again, no, it wouldn't be fair to let you think that I, a flawed individual, was absolutely perfect. This note is to let you know that, yes, I do see the sloppies and I promise to NEVER post a card less than perfect on this blog ever again. Witches honor! If I do please feel free to call me on it, I mean, it should be no less than gorgeous,right?

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