Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Spread

We went to Rose and Tim"s house for Thanksgiving and this is the table she had prepared. Isn't it gorgeous? The food was marvelous and the friends were fabulous. The conversations lasted until almost 9 that night. The temps got down to freezing but with all the heaters around we kept quite warm. It was a truly day to be thankful.

Black Friday I got out to get a couple of things for the yard and braved the Target crowds. *GASP* I know!! Anyway, I got a fire pit for cheap and it took me the longest to be able to get back in the aisle to check out. It wasn't too bad as I got there at 4 and was home by 4:20. Then the hardware store was having a half price sale on the large propane patio heaters so I went there at 6 and actually had to block a lady (I felt bad but I WANTED them more badder!) and got the last two. Hopefully they had more in the warehouse for her. I was alone in my endeavor so I felt pretty good about (exception of being rude to that poor lady) returning with everything I went out to get.

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  1. Hi Robin

    OOh that sure looks inviting!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

    Gosh you are braver than me, hitting the shops. Glad you managed to get what you wanted though.

    Michelle :-)