Monday, November 22, 2010

December Birthdays

I have several birthdays in December so I try not to make them very Christmas-y 1- because they are not for Christmas 2 - my bday is December 21 and you would not believe how Christmas and birthday became one event so I feel for my fellow December babies and make sure they feel it's their birthday that's being celebrated too. The top card is embossed and decorated with Bermuda Bay accent color. The bottom ones (hopefully you all got it because my DH did not, he says art interpretation is not his forte - it shows. lol) have small items on the front of the card that reads "wish big" and when opened the featured item has gotten larger and reads "may all your wishes come true". So what I was trying to get across is the small things were wished to be big and they were when the wish came true. Oh well, I tried. =/

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