Monday, June 7, 2010

Pool Pretties

Hi there! I have been busy around here looking for a job and I hate it! Job searching is such a soul exposing activity. I have put in many aps around town and the last few I did I gave them big puppy dog eyes going for the pity hire. I don't think it worked because I haven't heard from ANY of them! Argh. This weekend I decided to quit waiting around for a job to call and I got real cozy with my pool which made me think about the beach babe cards (see Debi's originals here) so I made a couple to entice my friends to come visit and also made one for Penny who is getting a pool built in her backyard right now and she is giving us a step by step process on her blog! Go check it out because if you've never seen a pool put in it is worth taking a look! (Sorry if I ruined the card surprise, Penny, but you will soon have it in your hot little hands. Smoochies!!)

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