Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is COMING!!!

This is my neighbors' apple tree in full bloom already! I still have oranges on my tree. I should hurry and pick them so it can re-bloom for fruit next winter.

When I bought these I thought I was getting Snap Dragons. Come to find out these are called Stock. They look antique-y to me and will soon be in my garden.

Who doesn't LOVE Hyacinths? I think they're gorgeous and their scent, while sometimes pungent, I find full of memories of my mom's and my grandmom's gardens. Ah, sentimental values. No charge!

This is a red Ranunculus. In the background is the Hyacinth and a bright yellow Gerber daisy. You can just get a glimpse of little Bailey behind the flowers. Come on, Spring! I am ready!!