Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Addition

We have a new addition to our family. MILO!!! Several months after losing my sweet little Tazzie to whatever she had ( the docs never confirmed it but they thought some kind of urinary cancer) my heart called for a little kitty. This little dude is full of life and vinegar, er, vigor. We got him from a local pet store where a group of people named The Cat People set up every Saturday and try to adopt out their rescue kitties. This guy was so energetic and just so darn cute that I decided I would go to lunch and debate on whether to get him or another gray cutie or both. It was HARD! I brought him home and introduced him to 90 pounds of a wonderful and gentle Labrador, Bailey. He was scared to death of the big dog but relaxed enough to play with his tail. He forgets that they're friends and has to start over every day with dog fear. They haven't quite bonded but they will. Bailey really wants to be friends. Milo does too, he's just cautious. =]

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