Thursday, January 13, 2011

Touching Story

Good Thursday morning to you! I have this blog mate over in Carmel, IN named Curt who is just the best fellow and paper crafter ever! I met him through a 'box need' back in November and have been a follower of his since then. Today while I am enjoying my tepid cup of coffee (my coffee maker broke with a little help from me and we are using an old one that makes a warmish cup of joe instead of a steaming hot one so if you have a brand you want to suggest - please do!) I am perusing his blog and he has a friend named Katie that is having some very difficult times. I read her story and I am so touched, saddened, inspired, horrified, angered, overwhelmed that I just want to reach through cyber space and pluck the disease from her so she can carry on and enjoy life with her husband and boys for 50 more years! She is a very strong individual in my opinion and I want you to go over there and read her story and maybe leave her some love, too. She has a P.O. Box address if you feel inspired to send her a note. Hugs to you all!

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